Sesame Street and Autism: A Boy and His Dog

published 4 years ago by Sesame Street

Thomas has a good friend in Gabriel. What special friends help care for your child? Send your love at #seeamazing

I Brielle your game reviews high you gables action not allowed to play right now what Gabriel I can't play right now right now no weekend when his vest as our. Best means he's working send he helps Thomas by keeping him safe and keep him near us. That's interesting I notice that there is some sort of aloneness that's around Thomas and Gabriel why is that. Yet there's attended a goes up from Thomas around his waist goes to Gabriel. And what that does is when. Pull. Tethered. Yeah I gable nose to. Stop move. So that Thomas can. Unaware run. Or. Run it aeris he's not. So he stays mom. As brother. Very mad. Yeah it's very good ...

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