Sesame Street for Military Families: Tenley's Story

published 5 years ago by Sesame Street

8-year-old Tenley talks about old friends, new friends, a new home and school, and how her family sticks together through all the changes involved when her dad leaves the military.

Well known but I don't know if that challenge little women there ha run your skirt more free. But. But. We've had a lot of the metal. It's not how much I wanted. My name is Tim leann 8 years old. Yeah I used to be in the military. We list here not too long ago it was a big change that there was a lie that stayed the same. I had a whole new school and holy whom I need places really different than our old house that I still love it perhaps I don she's so cute and silly. Living a life from my friends and my cousins was hard facts that we found ways to keep in touch ...

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