Top 10 Dangerous Drugs

published 6 years ago by Dr Ed Wallitt

An overview of the most dangerous drugs you will prescribe as an FY1.

Honey I'm Vicky I finally a medical student at Bristol university. Welcome to this ichi toil on the top 10 most dangerous drugs elect prescribes an F. one. Over the next 20 minutes I'll take you through the individual drugs and the drug class if you'd important interactions culture indications and side effects. Also point out some the con pitfalls that you may experience the doctor was part of your prescribing safety assessment. I hope by the end of this you'll feel more confident about these key medications on the warts and in your exam. So let's start with Wilfred. This is not the core argument between contact list. That is regular prescribed often embolic event such as a stroke or P.. It's also used prophylactic leaf a F. and often session a prosthetic compounds. In terms of side effects and contradict Haitians many of these relates bleeding. I beatings part of the disease such a peptic ulcer or hemorrhagic stroke or academically some ...

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