Prescription Review

published 6 years ago by Dr Ed Wallitt

Podmedics team up with Elsevier to talk about the topic of prescription review.

Hello and welcome to this point cost from put medics innocent via I'm and wallet and in this episode we should be taking a detailed look at the principles of prescription review. The text at this point cost is taken from the excellent pasta PSA book available from Elsevier and a coupon code is available for a discount until the end of 2014. The goals of this put costs ought to develop a practical routines analyzing old describing situations. We can also help identify common trucks in the PSA. As well as go through a simple question to show the techniques being used. So let's start by taking a look at an example question. We will go through the answer me today we want you to keep the situation in mind during it aside and attempt to apply the things you learn. So in this case we have a 74 year old gentleman who was admitted to hospital with symptoms and signs suggestive or when you mania. We also not his abbreviated mental test score is reduced and he has ...

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