Sesame Street and Autism: Behind the Scenes

published 4 years ago by Sesame Street

How are you like Benny? Tell us at #seeamazing More about Exceptional Minds Exceptional Minds is a nonprofit vocational school and working studio for young adults on the autism spectrum. They are allpursuing careers in visual effects and digital animation"

Sesame Street and autism exceptional months behind the scenes. My name is Laura Robinson I work at exceptional minds essential minds is a vocational school for young adults with autism to learn about digital media production elevation visual of facts and editing as well as the production pipeline process and proper work ethic at. Being Gorlice spectrum myself I grew up with the same things as many of our students. Sharing engaging stories and creating. And was part. Last year. Exceptional minds of the exciting opportunity to work with. The workshop. Don't go there often. It started 2 years back we had a visit from today Bettencourt and sherry west and the 2 executives from sesame workshop and they mentioned the idea of working together. Then threw on. We are defections. And. What what. Well I think you should. You need ...

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