published 6 years ago by Dr Ed Wallitt

An introduction to the different types of burns, their assessment and management.

Only my name's chant chant and welcome to another augmented spot cost. Today we're going to talk about the basics of buttons. So here are our own learning objectives. The recognition and management of those injuries. As part of the undergraduate medical committee. The aim of this lecture is to provide a short summary of the most cogent points of burns recognition and management. Of which. You may be tested in your undergraduate sandwich. So example in a vital almost street. You may be asked to perform went emergency ABC station. Well someone who has had a burn intimidation with a burn size estimation. Well tons of where you may be asked to calculate this looming Kwan's. Said Paige. But with some paper you may be asked to determine the rights of voting mostly resuscitation. And someone with a name burn size and weight. Or you may be asked to identify ...

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