White House Apprentice | Unfilter 245

published 2 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

It’s Jeff Sessions’ time in the Trump slam machine, but this be a long-con to accomplish a much larger goal. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s aide was arrested trying to leave the country & we explain why this story runs deeper than you might think. Plus the latest Cyber boogeyman, Russia updates, good news in Syria that John McCain hates & much more!

This is a filter episode 200 45 for 7/26/2000 and 710 presidents frustration with sessions decision to recuse himself from the Russian investigation was laid bare at an earlier news conference he should of told me prior to taking office and I would have quite simply pick somebody else it was sessions'refusal that eventually led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Muller the president has not forgiven sessions and was asked why he does not fire and we will see what happens time will tell. Everybody it's good to be back we'll put the book back into another observer on unfiltered see I can't even speak we've been out of practice one week ...

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