5 Things You Need to Know about Pearl Harbor

published 4 years ago by Simon & Schuster

Bestselling author Craig Nelson describes the terror, chaos, violence, tragedy, and heroism of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and offers surprising conclusions about the tragedy’s unforeseen and resonant consequences that linger even today.

This. The country we live in today was born not on 7/4/1776 but on 12/7/1941 America's role on the global stage the size of our state department and foreign aid program the size of our military the size of our intelligence services the birth of our nuclear arsenal. And the fact there's been no word work 3 and 7 decades. All began at Pearl Harbor. Nearly the whole of Japan's daily did not want to attack Americans. It took a number of years for the army to Calvin into it and along the way nearly every Japanese leader had very mixed feelings about going ahead. During this tumultuous period. It very well might have happened that Washington talk Tokyo into a truce and Pearl Harbor would have never had. In the fall ...

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