5 People Who Changed History at Pearl Harbor

published 4 years ago by Simon & Schuster

A fascinating look at the people on both sides of the Pacific—their warnings, clues, maneuvers, and missteps that led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Late November 194130 war ships were anchored in a cold desolate and utterly remote bay at the northern fringe of Japan almost none of those aboard knew where they were about to go. When he heard one pilot called it a suicide cruise it seemed preposterous they could sail 3000 miles and arrive undetected. Joke they. Steve huge metals. Border destroyer Sadat Ocho. Thanks to his wife. The letter. A close to snippet of hair. Japan receded. Below the horizon. He assumed he would never see. The commander of the American Pacific Fleet was husband Kimmel. A handsome confident man. A blemish free record of 40 years. He had read a report by one of his officers. Japan might without for ...

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