Rebecca Traister on Hillary Clinton

published 4 years ago by Simon & Schuster

Rebecca Traister discusses the presidential election.

We're very anxious to take the temperature of feminism in America at the time that Hillary Clinton ran for president. And a lot of them made pronouncements like. Young women aren't voting for Hillary therefore they don't care about feminism. Young women are over feminist the events of the election and Hillary Clinton's candidacy and then later for another group of women serpents candidacy. These events were formative they change the way that women young women old women felt about women in power in the presidency they actually catalyzed an investment in feminist politics. or at least conversation about gender I in a way that we've been seen in a long time. I do believe because if you know president my lifetime. . I sort of believe that. Without question and there are a lot of people who would stand very naive to say that but I think we'll see it soon and I think that what happened during 2008 ...

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