Stalin's American Spy

published 4 years ago by Simon & Schuster

Award-winning journalist and bestselling author Kati Marton discusses the career of Noel Field, a Russian spy in the U.S. State Department and the subject of her latest book, TRUE BELIEVER

We all feel this the ultimate anti hero he started off in life as a bright young star in the state department fresh out of Harvard I aced Harvard in 2 years of 4 year program Moscow Kremlin was looking for recruits into the Soviet secret service in the thirties and he was tagged as somebody of promise and somebody who was also vulnerable because he was this idealistic young man who was searching. Basically. Seduced into spying started copying classified documents from his desk at the state department security in those days was very loud. The U. S. was gearing up for war against the Nazis and the communists. Stalin Moscow were not deemed to be a big threat and actually it was Moscow that finally outed him and. It turned out to be ...

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