Pediatric Anesthesia Podcast of the Month - August 2017

published 2 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Airway Foreign Bodies with Debnath Chatterjee

Hello and welcome to the pediatric anesthesia podcast of the month from open and seizure movie highlight an interesting image a clinical finding. My name is Dave not strategy and I'm a pediatric anesthesiologist. Had the chills hospital of Colorado. I do not have any financial disclosures. The clinical image for this month is a chest X. ray. Of a 2 year old boy after of goodness joking episode showing hyper inflation of the left lung and mediastinal shift to the right. Suggesting an avifauna body in the left lung. Tracheal bronchial foreign body aspiration. Is a potentially life threatening event. Leslie in children less than 2 years of age. In the United States. Choking following foreign body aspiration. Is a leading cause of unintentional injury mortality ...

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