Forex : USD/JPY Retail Sentiment Holds Near Extreme Ahead of NFP Report

published 3 years ago by Daily FX TV

Retail FX sentiment holds near extreme levels ahead of the U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report, with long positions nearly 42% higher from the previous week. #news #USDJPY #NFP #BoJ @DavidJSong

It's Thursday August 4 undated song currency analyst daily FX and will be closely watching the U. S. dollar crosses going into the weekend as market attention turns to the U. S. not popular support for July and course we'll see how this will influence near term price action we'll see if this will also have a meaningful impact on the broader outlook for monetary policy but on my aunt Abby Percy focused on the Dolly in exchange rate as we have seen some interesting price action as of late but along with that and as we wrap up the first full week of August I'm strongly Michael of what's happening with retail sentiment as again we have seen some extreme readings as of late so we'll see if some of these dynamics will continue lined up over the days ahead but looking at near term price action and even though we're seeing the Dolly and hold a very tight range ahead of US nonfarm payrolls I think we may be in for further client especially over the near term as we feel to preserve that poll showing that we have from those jewels in on that front wheels ...

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