Forex : USD/JPY Risks Larger Recovery; FX Sentiment Narrows From Extremes

published 4 years ago by Daily FX TV

USD/JPY stands at risk for a larger recovery as it breaks out of the near-term range, while retail FX sentiment narrows from recent extremes. #news #USDJPY #Retail Sentiment @DavidJSong

It's Thursday June 23 Andi song currency analyst with daily FX of course were seeing a lot of interest around the UK referendum but I don't wanna speculate too much on the outcome here as we're just hours away of getting the final results so of course we'll watch the market reaction we'll see if that will also spark. A meaningful adjustment into the monetary policy outlook as of course the bank of England means very adamant that the next move should be to know much monitor policy so you will visit some of the things to watch for strolling strolling crosses over the coming days but no will keep a very close eye on the Dalian hears you sing a meaningful rebound a break of the near term range as we are also seeing a pickup in market sentiment so we'll see if this will carry into the of the week space going at the last week of June trade will keep a lot of these things in mind but you know in terms of the fundamental outlook for the region will continue watch key commentary from DOJ officials as were still seemed lingering speculation of seeing the bank of Japan further ...

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