Forex Technical Focus: 5/10/2016 US Dollar Update

published 4 years ago by Daily FX TV

-USDOLLAR index returns to 4/27 high -Trading levels seen at about 11970 and 11790 -For trades and more analysis, visit

A traitor Jamie sadly it may 10 2016 am gonna take a quick peek at the US dollar. A daily chart you can read some longer term observations on maybe some more in depth observations over. At the weekly that published on Friday delay effects . Some material on the front page SP trade desk. As well. but here we are on the daily near term picture. A real clean downward sloping channel. Up from the highs that we saw in January we also have you I guess what you'd probably best described as an internal channel. this line really originated was kind of resistance line. The time you know maybe a triangle line in that we had going back to April. Okay of 2013 you can see the line 2.September in April. Broke through it it was then support on a retest ...

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