Forex Technical Focus: 8/4/2016

published 4 years ago by Daily FX TV

-USDOLLAR rebounds into former supports before NFP -Bigger picture-coming off of major resistance #news #USDOLLAR @JamieSaettele

They traders what's going on Jamie Sally here it's 8/4/2016 and at peace tomorrow and one take a look at the US dollar index before we head into that figure so this is the same chart we looked at before FOC last week a big risk and then we thought was on the downside of it just because of this chart we had you know the old channel the resistance line specifically. Which became you know resistance support big support in may. Yeah I was then resistance for like 5 days culminating in FOMC which was here without actually sold off hard from that level so as we head into near the end of Pete current. Kind of trading into this. You know reformer support region this was breaks it okay out right here and you know post brags that you kinda had this. Range that took ...

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