Forex Technical Focus: 2/25/2016 (SPX500, Gold)

published 5 years ago by Daily FX TV

-1968 in SPX500 could be resistance -Range levels to know for gold -For trades and more analysis, visit

The traders what's up Jamie sadly here it's 2/25/2016 unsent interesting action lately in the SNP's no doubt a big reversal yesterday on Wednesday follow through today on Thursday so question is please my question is. Is where my resistance you know be on this movie high let's take a look. The chart real quick. Alright so this is the chart. been following. For awhile with our clients over SP trade desk and. What we've got here by the way these lines go back to the nineties. And pretty much cross. Every. Huge inflection points. . Back to the nineties is pretty wild I in any case near term what I'm looking at. It's actually this is S. get 500 ...

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