Forex : USDOLLAR Remains Range-Bound Ahead of Fresh Fed Rhetoric

published 4 years ago by Daily FX TV

Fresh remarks from Fed officials may heavily influence the USDOLLAR next week as market participants weigh the outlook for monetary policy. #news #USDOLLAR #NFP #FOMC @DavidJSong

It's Friday July 8 I'm David song currency analyst with daily effects were sings the back of fourth in the green back with the Dow Jones FXCM your style index large preserving the range carried over from the end of the previous month so of course even though we did see a 287 cakes French and US nonfarm payrolls it looks as though this report not really moving the needle in terms the monetary policy outlook as fed funds futures continue to price in limited expectations for a 2016 rate hikes of course you know we do have some key difference octet next week including retail sales along with the consumer price index but looks that we may have to keep a very close eye on the slough of fed officials on tap which include some 2016 voting members like Kansas city fed president ms Estrin George also clean them fed president ms Loretta master as well as it was spent president Mister James Bullard so of course we'll see how central bank officials interpret ...

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