Forex Technical Focus: 6/21/2016 (AUD/USD)

published 4 years ago by Daily FX TV

Positive medium term developments for AUDUSD -For trades and more analysis, visit SB Trade Desk #AUDUSD #news @JamieSaettele

A. traders Jamie sadly here it's 6/21/2016 and that one take a look at the Australian dollar. Chart. US and positive. Medium term developments I guess you'd call them. Real quick is in a very short video because. There's not . A whole lot to the S.. I simply we have the slope okay angle. that's been influential. You know for some time and the angle originate is basically a channel okay but well what was you know once channel support. And baroque on the downside back in on December 2014. Was resistance okay our resistance throughout 2015. . In January and and may there was resistance again ...

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