Forex Technical Focus: Flying Kiwi

published 3 years ago by Daily FX TV

-Broad view reveals area around .7200 as important -For trades and more analysis, visit #news #NZDUSD @JamieSaettele

A. traders Jamie sadly here it is 6/9/2016 and go after last night's. big movie in the New Zealand dollar kiwi or take a look at New Zealand dollar for it. Okay long term chart. In a lot of people think that you have to look at the short term charts in order to us. You know get a hold of. The big. Levels and everything a lot of times all that ends up doing is. Kind of makes you. Sista. That might not even be there . Anyway so I wanted you know I I like to spend more time on the on the big. Charts really understand where the big levels are I mean not necessarily monthly all the time but you know monthly's . Weekly isn't dailies but. This slope check up the slope so. This is just quite ...

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