Forex : USD/JPY Downside Targets on Radar Ahead of Japan CPI Report

published 3 years ago by Daily FX TV

USD/JPY may continue to retrace the advance from earlier this month as it pair largely preserves the bearish trend carried over from March.

It's Thursday may 26 I'm David song currency analyst would be via fax or seen the US dollar lose ground against mage counterparts as we continue season mixtape prince coming out of the colony and at first glance. Did see you Esther goods orders beat market expectations. Would demand for large ticket items expanding 3.4 percent in April nevertheless looking up components we did see non defense capital goods orders excluding aircraft. Proxy for future business investments unexpectedly contract for the second set second consecutive month declining 0.8 percent from the previous month so we'll see how fed officials. Zorb the incoming data here but never the less looking at fed funds futures still pricing in less than 40 percent probability for a rate hike at the quarterly meeting in June so we'll see if gets a fresh cometary some meaningful content from fed officials headed then let me strongly influence in St outlook but tomorrow morning we do have one more piece of different to watch and ...

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