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The recent ‘Devil’s Ivy’ vulnerability has caused quite a rash in the security journalism community. Is it as bad as poison ivy or just a bunch of hyperbole? We discuss. Plus you’ve heard of public key encryption, but what lies beyond? We cover some possible alternatives and the problem of identity. Then Dan’s got the latest on his Let’s encrypt setup including a brand new open source tool you too can use!

Coming up on this week's episode of text that. The recent devils IV vulnerability has caused quite a rash and security journalism community. But is it really as bad as poison ivy or just about to hyperbole. We'll discuss. Then you've heard about public key encryption but ever wondered what lies beyond. We've got a fascinating discussion about some of the possibilities beyond public key encryption future improvements and how to solve the problem of identity. Then of course we got dance latest updates about is awesome let's encrypt set up and a cool new utility he's made that you can use at home. Plus we've got you are fantastic. A rocking around so much more on this week's episode text. Welcome to. Jupiter broadcasting ...

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