Clever crows, a rare Javan rhino & confused big cats

published 3 years ago by Earth Touch

A wild lion found nursing a leopard cub, humpback whales seen flapping their pectoral flippers to swim, a small hammerhead with an appetite for grass, a rare Javan rhino sighting, and one crazy spider. These stories and more in your two-minute recap of nature news!

In this week's roundup flipper flapping whales clever crows a rare look at the job in the rhino and a leopard nursing Leyen these stories and more in your 2 minute recap of wildlife news starting in the ocean where a little known species of hammer head has an odd appetite for grass up to 60 percent of the bottom heads diet is seagrass likely accidentally consumed while foraging once more the sharks have developed an enzyme to help their bodies breakdown plant material in researchers from Stanford cut humpback whales flapping their for flippers like penguins or sea lions the movement is unlike anything seen before in Wales and was previously thought the pectoral flippers reuse for steering only. You know flapping corvids can plan for the future to create a suitable cache of food they need to work out what's in store where to put it and when to do so but a new study shows the clever birds ...

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