Keys to the Cart: July 17, 2017

published 3 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Anemia Compensation; Anemia and Coagulation; Blood Oxygen Transport

And we are back welcome to another exciting edition of keys to the car a weekly openness is a podcast where we will review several IT key words in just a couple of minutes. My name is doctor alley battle and I'm an anesthesiologist at the university of Virginia. One lab value that is very important to take note of prior to taking a piece in back to the or for surgery is their hemoglobin level. Today we will be reviewing several key words related to anemia. Now let's unlock some knowledge. Before we get our key words let's quickly define anemia. The World Health Organization defines anemia as hemoglobin levels less than 12 grams protest leader in adult non pregnant women and less than 13 grams per deciliter in adult men. Anemic patients often come to the O. R. for surgery and these patients may be at increased risk for complications and haven't increased morbidity and mortality. Now it's time for key words are first keyword is anemia compensate ...

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