AD #2148 – 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Details, VW Selling Off Assets, Honda Reveals Redesigned 2018 Accord

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- VW Selling Off Assets - Tesla Plans More Gigafactories - 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Details - Ford Updates Transit Custom - Honda Reveals Redesigned 2018 Accord - Surprising Bolt Teardown Results

On today's show hunter redesigns the accord in a battle to save passenger car sales VW is looking to sell off assets to raise cash any tear down of the Chevy pulled Evey. Shows that it's. To make. And most people fought on that more coming right up on moneyline daily. Well welcome to a brand new day in the life of the amazing automotive industry. Volkswagen's diesel scandal is costing the company tens of billions of euros so to pay for those costs and maintain its investment in electric vehicles VW's cutting costs by laying off employees and selling off assets it's already put Gatti up for sale and now Reuters reports it's considering selling transmission maker rank which is owned by VW's truck brand man. VW is working with Citibank to sow rank which is estimated to be ...

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