Seamless moves

published 3 years ago by Monocle

When it comes to moving people effortlessly through and between cities, who is getting it right? And how do we make cities where mobility works for young and old alike?

NPI urban mobility. Today it seems everyone is trying to crack the puzzle of how to get city dwellers quickly and quietly from HIV and then on to see. Industrial giants and maverick entrepreneurs architects and urban planners all of them is searching for the winning formula. But all these movers and shakers working in harmony or other efforts to. Does the public rail operator have the same vision. And even if you could design is. Perfect try. It makes. Without. Many of its still look to Copenhagen as the city with the ideal attitude. The mobility. But is it realistic to think that every city can rely so heavily on walking and cycling. It's all well and good for smallish city it's almost completely flat ...

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