EPISDE 173: Bear Attack; How it Happened with Primitive Outfitting

published 3 years ago by Brian Call

This is Jeannie this Joe Rogan and you're listening to the Greek moment I've never seen so many bullets. In my life no it's just about feeling good you had more kids in a Chinese films with a lot of guys that I mean he's right he said Cooney's never say die work don't we got this. Para. I was born in the trigger but the safety was on. Look it up. I just many black eagle with it you know that's that's my however oldest dropped the Mike and walk away. I got so used to stop shooting on my analogy to bear a machine to stumpy standing on. Seelig know everything about each other I met him. He was in a talent show and urine yeah. And I wept yeah now ruined her all the guy I think I heard I heard you your attitude toward blacks you bet black bears and black bear honey ...

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