EPISODE 155: PART 2 - #IAmDefiant with Hoyt Archery

published 4 years ago by Brian Call

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Really cool stories Matt starts when is one of our one of our first watched we just watch that wooden credible video man he's just the store inspiration and if you don't know who he is you he doesn't have any arms he shoots with his feet. And the room with the one reason he got started with our trees because. Nolan hiring see have arms he has a young family. Literally is struggling to feed them. And archery season is starting in like 2 weeks. And he's like man I. I should go bowling yeah right and his wife says. Okay. Should go bowling. He goes the archery shop Selena I need to buy a boat we guys crossbows are over here is that no I'm not shooting a crossbow I wanna shoot accountable. So the guys like. Alright dude we have a problem here and I am trying out a president first impression I I'm sure the guys across counter like he's like when. Not what do I do like that yet so he he met talks to land learn says it you know ...

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