published 2 years ago by Brian Call

Can we pre approve this Brian before you put it up. So anyway I'm sure we'll cover live things it'll probably irritate people and some guys will agree with you anytime you talk about this. He's for opposing. Sides of the fence near similar road so it. I just can't buy into the whole face pay nothing so like a special ops you put it on use feel. But then I'm going to wash your face and then when it came to the shots are going out of my there's a shot auto parts. Bloom tonight off there would go and I answered in but I'm asking you down here cancer no I want your grades up this Joe Rogan and you're listening to the gritty Bowman. If you think about the Senate which is the lightest production of law there him in a 308 weeks 4 pounds 13 ounces. Recurring right at a 30 ought 6 ways by pounds 5 ounces. So it's it's just super super lightweight and but still the stock design is fantastic you know things guys go through to shave like ...

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