EPISODE 246: Hunting Grizzly with Aron Snyder

published 3 years ago by Brian Call

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we talk about Aron's recent Grizzly and Black Bear hunts with Primitive Outfitting in British Columbia. 

This is primitive about fitting in you're listening to the gritty Bowman bear chicken while OneNote I. And I'm not standing on my high horse saying I shoot itself book because of knowing Helen NPO. When I say that I mean that in a good Christian way. It's forest Cecil goes with me I mean. I can really gives crap about that line and to much at all I was looking at was the tip of parents there and it was like this and this and that it was gonna shake in their. Both solid like a rock and I'm like. All all all. These are you know he hitting or not he never really show excitement because I don't I just kind of always mellow in this thing period of your could tear out your honor I get a lot of who you know if you ever talked to anybody from Africa they're all about hunting lines because they eat people at the compound I have total confidence. With this thing on my hearing here maybe. But the way that America works were so soft like stuff ...

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