EPISODE 147: Prostitution of Animals; Perception is Reality

published 2 years ago by Brian Call

But you have a gas tank. And then there's a line that runs out of that and it has fuel in it and it's flammable I'm like. I would have a fire going did they would've seen in DC there were bebop right along with me he's got your full. No problem I think and then we hit the. You know pick up sticks in the bubble gum for stop talking 3 over tree over tree that you know we sneak in because we're thinking they're gonna still be better than this one area not right Houdini Kaiser source say they're gonna Michael. Fudge. Generally panic is what kills you in a survival situation me and I use the analogy of my wife wants a up she wants a gun that'll shoot down trees it doesn't make noise and doesn't kick. And. They just don't have that. I'm self **** and you're listening to that great the moment. Okay this is kori Jacobson and you're listening to the greedy Bowman we ...

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