EPISODE 106: Wishes For Warriors, Take Your Shirt Off

published 5 years ago by Brian Call

It's good to stay alive you're gonna die. So in the case of Colorado you can fart and start a forest fire do I roll over you know that the water is trying to hump off a rock and I'm not exactly a set of car keys I'm pretty big deal exacting leak like the Iraqi navy hello I write your lesson until a good Ableman home of gray Bolton foams at our views tall tales no Reba manly Boston. I'm self **** and you're listening to that great the moment. Bill every star go and start dancing and then I hear him behind yelled take your shirt off and now it's like I don't have a list of what I don't like talking to her so well are maybe he was I don't know so I'd like it's going to happen I mean this cooler but not soon ex you look like you're a real big hardcore cardio guy although like that's like you're well because I know ...

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