EPISODE 72: Total Archery Challenge After Midnight - ATA 2016

published 5 years ago by Brian Call

Ok folks. This episode of the Gritty Bowmen is probably NOT for everyone. If you’re looking for a reverent podcast about hunting and the outdoors--skip this episode. But if you want to hang out with a group of hunting buddies who know waaaaay too much about eachother, talk a little crap, and don’t pull any punches--this episode might be worth your time. The key word is “might.” We recorded this podcast in the hotel room, after midnight on the last night of the ATA show. It was supposed to be a re-cap of the ATA show and a podcast with Sean Degray about the Total Archery Challenge. However, the podcast quickly circled the drain and just became a series of squirrel chases and fresh Snyderisms. I seriously considered nevering publishing this podcast--EVER. But heck, why not. What you see is what you get. And that’s gritty.   There is a little bonus footage at the very end of this podcast… we were going to throw it away but then I figured… the bonus footage is about as useless as the rest of this podcast so why not just leave it in there.  You have been warned. Total Archery Challenge

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