EPISODE 69: So You Want To Be Like Katniss? with Aron Snyder

published 4 years ago by Brian Call

In this episode of Gritty Bowmen we talk about my friend and co-host, Aron Snyder’s, new obsession with Traditional Bows. Aron is a gear junkie and as a result he has tried a wide variety of traditional bows. 

I thought it was a flat brim when I pulled it out of the box that was Tony uncle Kevin I was like just a courage I can't be wearing this it's a flapper in you Mitch I'm a fat kid in order I guide so like the worst day in grade school was like shirts verses and a lot of my. I just wondered if I were that shirt that the the hooded with a long sleeve or to shore if if my chest would pop like yours who would like. At least you're not wearing your hat like this let go Snyder who's not a girl who can excuse us look it's it's all about covering the eyebrows it the everyone. You've been in that brand now. Yeah yeah you're more and let's face it you're more like red neck brims. Where it's curved so far that. You can't like. See I don't want to see anything coming from the left and right I have ninja type of ...

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