EPISODE 184: ROCZAC with Rocky and Zac Griffith

published 2 years ago by Brian Call

In a related things about like people on their death beds and stuff and it's like no one ever talks about amount of money to me. Right is about the experience they had the time to spend with their families like what's one thing you cannot put a price tag on I tell everybody this like you cannot put a price tag on your time good concentration equals good shooting. Good shooting does not equal good concentration. You have to play to your strengths and 2 year given. What you've been given yeah you can't try to be someone you're not. Just not just. Jim Braddock was the boxer's name anyways. . But he made this marvelous comeback and was beating everybody in it winning you know and yeah. A sob and I think it's because I'd love that Victor right you know Rudy Rudy yeah exactly you know I guess if somebody like that. On this episode gritty Bowman ...

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