EPISODE 16: Dude Don't Be So Selfish

published 4 years ago by Brian Call

This week on Gritty Bowmen we travel to Tamarack Idaho for the annual NW Mountain Challenge Archery Shoot and we talk to Corey Jacobsen, 7-time world champion elk caller, elk killing machine, and Owner of Extreme Elk Magazine, and most importantly, Husband and father to 3 awesome kids, Isaac, Jessi, and Samuel. Young Isaac is quite the elk caller—here he is giving my hunting partners, Ben and Anthony a lesson on how to bugle with attitude. The NW Mt. Challenge was a total blast. After Corey graciously spent the late-afternoon shooting this podcast with us, we had the pleasure of spending the evening shooting our bows on the night course with he and his family. We met is lovely wife Jennifer, who is super cool for many reasons, not least of which because she’s an archer and shoots a cool bow. The night shoot at Tamarack was super cool and was fun for the whole family. Donnie Drake, Corey’s longtime friend and hunting partner shot the night course with us and we were able to get a glimpse of the brotherhood these men share. In today’s podcast you’ll hear about what makes a good hunting partner. Corey will tell you how long he’s hunted with his hunting partners and why. And you’ll learn about things such as Corey’s dream situation for killing big bulls. If you missed the NW Mt. Challenge in Tamarack ID you can still attend the NW Mt. Challenge at the Hoodoo Ski Resort in Oregon July 24th, 25th, & 26th. There are 4, 3-D courses on the mountain, including a kids course. There are archery competitions. Raffles and more. The Full Draw Film Tour will be at Hoodoo Saturday night with a presentation of the film tour on a big outdoor screen. And you can see our film there. We hope to see you at Hoodoo! 

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