EPISODE 79: ATA Show with Cameron Hanes

published 4 years ago by Brian Call

EPISODE 79: On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, Aron Snyder and I hang out with Cameron Hanes at the ATA show in Kentucky. Prior to this event, I had never met Cameron Hanes. I’ve read his books. I’ve watched his blacktail films and some of his hunts with Eastmans. I’ve seen him and South Cox chase high country mule deer. I’ve seen him hunt giant brown bear with dear friend, Roy Roth. I’ve watched Cameron stalk cape buffalo in Australia and on and on. And of course, I’ve seen Cameron’s social media game, which is pretty strong. But I’ve never met the guy. You hear and see things… And I can’t help but admire his drive and passion for fitness… and his love of the outdoors and of the bowhunting life… but I had never actually sat down and talked to him. And much like my first meeting with Aron Snyder… I found Cameron to be a super cool dude. Easy to talk to. Genuine. And funny. Much like my own hunting buddies.  I was able to hit the local Crossfit gym in Kentucky with Cameron thanks to our mutual friend, Dan Staton, owner of Elk Shape. Dan lead a room full of hunters from the ATA show in a great team workout. Cameron was in his element. He loves fitness. And It was obvious. After the workout, Cameron took a group of us out to breakfast and there we laughed and swapped hunting stories and I couldn’t help... but think how it felt just like elk camp with my own buddies. At the end, he paid the bill. And I walked away from the experience thinking, I just like hunters. They’re cool people. And there is an instant brotherhood among us as long as we are able to keep our massive egos in check and be positive.  

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