EPISODE 64: Skull Bound TV with Jana Waller and Jim Kinsey

published 5 years ago by Brian Call

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, we visit with Jana Waller and Jim Kinsey of SkullboundTV. Many of you know them from Skullbound TV. But you may not know that Camerman-Jimmy, AKA Jim Kinsey is a musical maestro. Homie’s got some sic beats--you can hear some of his music on iTunes. Look for the link in the Gritty Bowmen show notes on our website.   Jim and Jana are huge proponents of conservation. And in their show, they take the time to highlight how hunting IS conservation. Jim was in the marines. And he and Jana are actively involved in supporting U.S. veterans. It was my pleasure meeting them.   Featured in this podcast: twitter.com/skullboundtv instagram.com/skullboundtv

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