EPISODE 255: Are You Tough Enough? Physical Conditioning & The Mental Game

published 4 years ago by Brian Call

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we hang with my good friend, Train To Hunt Champion, bowhunting phenom and archer extraordinnaire, Phil Mendoza. AKA Backcountry Bowhunting Cholo. AND we hang with my Trash Talking, hyper-fit, Crossfit buddy, Shanely Brezen and my friend, veritable strongman, Brian Horton. Phil Mendoza owns No Limits Archery in Denver, CO and is the Director and owner of Alpha Bowhunting and the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge. And Shanely and Brian direct and operate Fit4TheHunt. On this podcast we talk fitness and hunting, we talk about mental toughness--how to develop it and whether you’re just born with it or not. It’s good stuff--it’s got me striving to dig deeper and push harder when things get tough. But before we dive into this show, allow me to present a quick backcountry hunting tip from the Backcountry, Bowhunting Cholo, also known as Phil, Big Sexy, Mendoza. Mentioned in this podcast: Episode 24: Phil Mendoza - Trophy Country Big Horn Part 1 Episode 30: Phil Mendoza - Trophy Country Big Horn Part 2 Episode 43: Train to What? Hunt! with Phil Mendoza

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