EPISODE 25: MTN OPS - MTN AWESOME!!! Part 2- The Nitty Gritty on MTN OPS

published 4 years ago by Brian Call

Alright friends welcome back this is part 2 of the mount knobs podcast right for example there's a local bullshit bow shop that we get all of our stuff that's called while they're one of the guys there his name is Brandon. And that Brandon consumed 5 energy drinks today Patricia yeah yeah when those young box that like like like you're talking like rock star type hands rock star and redbull the anything anything that had high amounts of caffeine and then he was usually doing about how many a day 5 whole cavalcade so just think you'd think early on the caffeine content is that and then think of the sugar content they give the hype the garbage the garbage healthcare in the house is out just let's talk to take a toll on your future it is it's gonna come back to bite yeah you know like people don't think about that I mean your liver I mean that's that's garbage that back well that and then he was like gasoline it's like 8 so what do you would do you good drink look was think about like straight gasoline or maybe diesel ...

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