EPISODE 25: MTN OPS - MTN AWESOME!!! Part 1- The Nitty Gritty on MTN OPS

published 4 years ago by Brian Call

I'm KC and I'm Jordan and we're brothers and where the owners of mountain tops and you're watching the greedy domain. Hello I write your lesson until a good Ableman home of gray Bolton phones and he's tall tales no Reba manly boasting. I'm self **** and you're listening to that great the moment. Okay this is kori Jacobson and you're listening to the greedy Bowman we bow out and raise that because if you've been listed the greddy bio med. On this episode of gritty Bowman we're at 10000 feet in the mountains of Utah at my call family reunion and our friends from mountaintops key scene Jordan Harvard's and graciously crash our reunion and spend the day shooting bows and lifting weights with me my sisters and my brother in laws. We had a fun time. These 2 guys are salt of the earth good guys who love what they're doing ...

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