Ultrasound for HIV/TB: FASH cases part Deux & Learn in South Africa Opportunity.  #FOAMED

published 6 years ago by Emergency Ultrasound Podcast

Here It Is The long awaited sequel to the previous FASH episode where we told you about a pretty incredible case and gave an example of how to actually use the FASH exam.  In this episode we’ll talk to Gabin about another case and continue to review the literature. Why am I still typing…..just watch the episode. Follow us:  @ultrasoundpod Learn with us:  www.ultrasoundleadershipacademy.com Register:  Castlefest 2016, DevelopingEM Cuba Course, Atlantis CME Bahamas Course FREE Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound eBook: Volume 1 Volume 2 One Minute Ultrasound Smartphone App for iOS One Minute Ultrasound Smartphone App for Android

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