Pokemon GO Prank

published 3 years ago

I prank call a bowling alley saying my son got hurt while playing Pokemon GO in their building. This guy was great!

What's up guys do you like books if so I wrote one it's called prank holic and comes out July 22 you can pre order it now a friend I cringe.com softcover hardcover audiobook E. books are available go check it out are at about that time for the president to get the book. De. How do you become a lame tropical hope yeah yeah I would sometimes you might want to speak to somebody talk about an issue that my kid had. That's what I. that managers already gone for the day they won't be in until tomorrow morning can you speak to somebody tonight's are you aware of any in some sort of happens between you know in the last 2004 hours bobbing in Charlotte means like 13 he's an idiot. But also because I didn't work last night alright let me tell you went down my son who is 1314 have you to be 15 I don't even know anymore she was out with his friends they want to go bald with you guys he is playing a Pokemon go game. And it's so that there was a Pokemon insider but ...

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