Anger Therapy Cleaning Lady - Prank Call

published 3 years ago

Jared prank calls a lady who cleans houses, asking if he can smash things while she cleans up after him! PRE ORDER "Prankaholic" Hardcover, softcover, ebook, and audiobook available!

What severity for this video starts as one to tell you very quickly and that I have a book that is now on sale you can preorder it a friend of prince die Thomas called parental holic and it is the story about Friday night cranes for those who may not know friend occurrences wrapping up for good on July 22. Which is pretty close ups are a Buck and a comes out also enjoyed 20 seconds he got a friend a grin stuck on preorder it but now here is the plank. I . June. hello hi I saw your outgoing about a cleaning service. Yeah I would certainly goes matter my name is Brandon and I want to know how much you charge to clean. Our current burden this how are you talking with how many rooms are you needing it depends on probably like 55 rooms I would say every other week. . That's okay. But our our truck ...

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