Casino Refund Prank Call

published 4 years ago

Jared prank calls a Casino saying his wife stole his credit card, and lost all of his money and now he wants a refund! The guy on the phone is not having it..   Request a prank:   Download our FREE app!   Store (FREE SHIPPING IN US)   iTunes:   Facebook:

Thank you for calling winstar world casino owners. Contact nothing. Yeah well. Okay. Sir Kyle limos owner who I can speak to you it has made a. A manager or somebody there's a lot of information to because I'm. My my wife's or soon to be ex wife was married she was gambling so inside out couple of questions about that. What about her her. Her experience there. Okay so what's the problem Sir Luna anyone's is a promise one speak somebody can see. She was gambling a lot and she used a lot of money that was mine that she wasn't suppose to be using stars wanting who like to speak to you about that ...

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