Richard Prince Smells Bad

published 4 years ago by Ted Forbes

Richard Prince created quite a stir with his recent exhibition. Prince created a series of images that consisted of Instagram screenshots. Comprised mostly female “selfies” in somewhat suggestive poses, the images have slight alterations to what look like comments. These were printed large and displayed at Gagosian and Frieze. Photographers have every right to be upset over this, but everyone seems to have ignored the bigger issue – the work is bad. Yes, Appropriation art is a thing. But why does Shepard Fairey get a pass on the Obama “Hope” Poster? What makes Jeff Koons different? Didn’t Duchamp already do this with the toilet? What was so great about Andy Warhol’s soup can prints? Prince is recycling easy, overdone concept art. And when people get upset, they’re playing right into the concept.

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