Recreating Famous Photos

published 3 years ago by Ted Forbes

Catherine Balet :: Looking For the Masters In Ricardo’s Golden Shoes Special thanks to my friend Thierry for sending me this wonderful book. Check out his Paris gallery! Galerie Thierry Bigaignon Catherine Balet Looking For the Masters in Ricardo’s Golden Shoes Amazon –

I've got something pretty cool share with you yesterday this is a project that culminated in the book by a French photographer by the name of captain and by letting this is called looking for the masters in Ricardo's golden shoes him what this is it is a our project that consists of iconic photographs that were recreated by the photographer using her friend as a model Ricardo and most of them feature his golden shoes as well and this is a really interesting project and really what it does is it's a set of 120 images that span pretty much the history of photography everybody from Louis Hine into August Sander I Edward Curtis's involved Paul strand Gordon parks Irving Penn Richard Avedon Annie Liebowitz out everybody is pretty much been covered in this book and I find this extremely interesting this book was sent to me by my friend T. air who owns a gallery in Paris interior and I met in New York a couple months ago and he actually reduce meet Ralph Gibson was responsible for this ...

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