Episode 71: The "Photo Smarts" Crossword Puzzle Series!

published 4 years ago by Scott Wittenburg

The "Photo Smarts" Crossword Puzzle Series is a fun way to test your photo know-how! Starting with this lesson, a new crossword puzzle will be created on a regular basis as long as there is favorable feedback. Let me know if it's a hit or a miss!

Listen 79. Hello again so how much do you really know about photography in the photographic process. Well starting with this lesson you'll be able to see just how much you know in a fun stress free way. Since practically everybody loves doing crossword puzzles I started creating them for my students a couple of years ago to help in my view what they've just been taught. I'm not gonna pass this concept on to you in the form of what I'm calling the photo smarts crossword puzzles series. What's cool about these puzzles as a child not only find out how much you know about FHA ...

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