Photography From The Shetland Islands

published 4 years ago by Ted Forbes

Mail time once again! Haven’t done one in a while and there are some wonderful photo projects to share with you. Music from Epidemic Sound: ========= Tom Barr :: Shetland OO Lee Johnson Ed Ruttledge KOSS

Okay this is one stack of 4 that are in my living room I think it is time because I have done one in weeks let's do a little mail today n't. N't. So first up is this book a from at Rutledge called the people of chibi to handle share a little of his letter with you and writes dear tend not sure I would call the enclosed a zine but singing anyway I was invited by the cheese pizza institute to spend the month as artist in residence at the institute's property and should be to the bomb ratio it's late in the fall of 2015 when accepted for this project it was open ended so I met with the institute's president and asked what are you interested in having photographed. The people of Chile to he replied I almost choked I have done landscape photography my signature characteristic being no people in my work so this was a challenge for me ...

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