The First Photograph

published 4 years ago by Ted Forbes

The first photograph ever is a heliograph made by Nicéphor Niépce in 1825 of a rooftop in France. Its an extremely early example and the oldest surviving object in the history of photography. Despite my close relationship with this photograph, I have never actually seen it in person – until now. Come along to Austin Texas and see the earliest surviving photograph in history.

So this is what is considered to be the very first photograph this is what is called a heliograph it was made by a French scientist named ness for me apps is of a rooftop in France it was taken from his studio window I have had an interesting relationship with this piece for many years have always been fascinated by it I've talked about on the show before in fact back in 2010 I was asked to speak at a tech conference in Paris about the first photograph that Forbes. Was a fantastic guy that I've. Nerd all about on the internet he runs a podcast called the art of photography. Thank you very much Rodrigo's is set up under US me to prepare a short history of us. Platforms essentially in photography okay let me stop right here in case you can't tell I was extremely nervous. I'm in a foreign country a long way from my home in Texas and I'm speaking to a mostly English speaking audience. And I'm up on this panel with several heavyweights including Madeleine necklace who at that time was working for Kodak ...

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